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Electrical Power Engineering

Prezenční 2 roky Zakončeno titulem Ing.

The Electrical Power Engineering study program offers a great opportunity to get educated in a very interesting career field with massive potential. The aim of this study program is to produce experts in the field of power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption. Technologies are evolving fast and there is a desperate need of people that are able to implement the know-how into real systems. Power networks are getting bigger, renewable energy sources are on the rise, the behavior of energy consumer changes… that all requires extensive changes in the current power systems, and you can be a part of it!

The education itself does not take place just behind a desk. To obtain valuable practical skills, you will also study in top equipped laboratories and use specialized software to solve some tasks. After you finish, you will easily find a job as an expert on the distribution networks operation, power plant worker, power network designer, solar systems specialist, power quality inspector and many others.

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Electric power - an inseparable part of our life

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