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Power Systems and Automation

Prezenční 3 roky Zakončeno titulem Bc.

We have a real exclusive offer for you: a bachelor study where you learn how to design power generators, motors or automotive and robot machines all in a state-of-the-art equiped labs. You will learn how to design embedded systems, communication platforms and how to create communication protocols. There are maths, physics, materials for power electronics and automotive at the beginning. However you can focus on robotics, control systems, generation and distribution of electricity or power electronics.

When you finish, you will be a specialist in the design and use of power electronic systems, renewable power systems, robotics and automation, energy power plants or electricity transmission. Many companies would like to attract you in their teams. But you can continue to the master degree, for example, in the field of Power electrical engineering.

Tento program zajišťuje Department of Theoretical and Experimental Electrical Engineering

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Power and Automation - rule the move and energy of our world

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