The Main Library dates back to 2004, and it presently centralizes and opens free of the on and off-site loan stocks that used to be reserved for the Faculty’s departments. An indispensable point of methodical assistance to the department libraries, the unit consists of two large branches to effectively handle the diverse information processes embodied in the intensive demand generated by the teaching and research staff and students.

The hubs at Technická 12 and 10 (T 12, T 10) offer library and information services five days a week to not only the Faculty staff and students but also interested readers from among members of the general public as well as professional communities affiliated with other educational institutions. The common user rights and obligations are defined within the borrower’s rules.

At Technická 12, 24 PCs are available, with multiple additional laptop connection spots; the T 10 section operates 10 personal computer-equipped and 18 regular desks. Wi-Fi is ready at both T 10 and T 12. The study room bookshelves contain Czech and foreign literature, and most standard books and textbooks can be accessed openly to simplify studying and borrowing.

The entire collection list comprises approximately 20,000 books and 50 journal titles, all captured in the BUT Joint Catalog (see the Manual for details); the topics of interest remain predominantly within electrical, electronic, and biomedical engineering and technology; power engineering; instrumentation and control; mathematics; and physics.

The traditional library mission is suitably complemented with printing and copy services, binding, and laminating, as specified in the Price List.

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Team work

Groups of students who wish to discuss study-related matters such as a project without disturbing and being disturbed may take advantage of the separate function room located at the T 10 library hub.

The room is open Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 10:00 / 15:00 - 18:00, and on Friday between 8:30 - 10:00.

If interested, please place your reservations (in a timely manner) with the branch staff or at