The Committee discusses any and all reported disciplinary offences committed by students. An offence means a culpable infringement of the obligations laid down in a regulation or internal rule of BUT and/or the FEEC. The Disciplinary Committee (DC) is responsible for producing draft decisions and delivering these to the Dean. The applicable sanctions are as follows:

  • a reprimand or written warning;
  • disciplinary suspension, with pre-specified terms and conditions;
  • withdrawal.

The Dean’s final decision, which may not agree with the viewpoint of the DC, will be communicated to the student by the Committee’s chair in a provable manner.

More information is available from the Disciplinary Rules for Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, BUT.


Contact details

Disciplinary Committee of the FEEC
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
Technická 10, 616 00 Brno