• Tasks related to the university information system (IS BUT), including:
    • collection and analysis of requests placed by users at the Faculty;
    • collaboration with BUT’s Computer and Information Services Center on the designing, testing, and implementation of the system;
    • user support and Faculty data administration in the IS BUT;
    • enhanced and special IS data handling;
  • Computer network administration, aiming to:
    • ensure connectivity between the Faculty’s and BUT’s networks;
    • utilize the Windows and UNIX platforms for the given purpose;
    • supervise administrators at the departments;
    • operate the Faculty‘s data, application, and mail servers;
    • manage the diverse user accounts;
    • control the compatibility of the equipment connected to the Faculty network;
    • develop and update the FEEC‘s website and support the departments‘ pages;
    • maintain the hardware and software in the lecture and laboratory rooms as well as at the different sections of the Dean’s office.


Contact details

Dean's Office - Information Systems Administration Department
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
Technická 3058/10, 616 00 Brno