FEKT Stránky

The Senate is the representative, self-regulatory body governing the academic community at the Faculty. The relevant areas of competence are set out in Act No. 111/1998 Coll., On Higher Education Institutions, as amended; the Election Rules of the Academic Senate (AS FEEC); and the Rules of Procedure of the AS FEEC. The members invariably serve for a period of three years.

The Senate connects the Faculty’s management with the academic community, namely, the lecturers, instructors, and students. The sessions are public and take place monthly, excepting summer holidays, at the Dean’s offices meeting room. After verification, the minutes are posted on the Faculty website, in the section that comprises also other documents, news, and announcements of the Senate, such as information on the dates and program of upcoming sessions.

The body possesses significant powers, including the capacity to

  • propose the appointment or removal of a dean;
  • confirm the Faculty’s budget and monitor the observance of related limits;
  • decide on establishing, merging, dividing, or dissolving an office, department, or laboratory, as previously proposed by the Dean;
  • approve draft internal rules, upon Dean’s proposal;
  • approve the admission procedures and enrollment prerequisites concerning the study programs at the Faculty;
  • endorse the annual reports;
  • grant preliminary consent to Dean’s appointment or removal of Scientific Board and Disciplinary Committee members;
  • approve, upon Dean’s proposal, the strategic goals of the Faculty.

The AS FEEC comprises academic staff and students, whose chambers have 12 and 7 members, respectively; the chairpersons also act as vice-chairs of the Senate. To support competent decision-making and control, the Senate has set up separate standing committes for economic, educational, legislative, and quality affairs.

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FEKT Stránky
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