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Full-time 2 years Finished with title Ing.

Boost your talent and become a recognized developer of biomedical technologies. Gain confidence in designing electronic devices, understand the fundamental principles of medical imaging and enjoy practical experience in biology laboratories. Make yourself proud by understanding artificial intelligence, medical physics, cellular engineering and more! Satisfy your desire for biology, engineering and applied physics in fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratories.
When you graduate, you will be a respected specialist in science, industry and health care. Biomedical graduates guarantee cardiostimulators setting, analyse images from computer tomographs, develop therapeutic technologies and diagnostic software. You can also dedicate your research ambitions to working in centers of excellence or go for doctoral degree and share your passion at international conferences.

Detailed characteristics of the study program


Master technology for modern medicine

  • 3 study fields

    medical physics, signal analysis, medical devices

  • 4 job areas

    Academia, Industry, Healthcare, Environment

  • > 2 MEURO

    spent on lab equipment you will work with

  • 54 years

    of experience in teaching of medical technology