• ensures day and night assistance at the security lobbies;
  • guarantees the cleaning, upkeep, repairs, and inspection of the buildings and technical structures;
  • maintains the green spaces, walkways, parking lots, and adjacent sectors;
  • monitors the supply of electricity, water, and natural gas to resolve problems that may hinder smooth distribution;
  • refines and practises work and fire safety scenarios.

Rooms and location codes

Custodians at Technická 8 and Technická 10N1.216110
607 956 932
Custodians at Technická 12 and Professor List Science ParkSD1.546112
730 583 565
Cleaning services: Technická 8 and Technická 10T1.63778 788 956
Cleaning services: Technická 12 and Professor List Science ParkSF1.133731 192 555


Contact details

Dean's Office - Department of Facility Management
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
Technická 3058/10, 616 00 Brno