a thesis

Suggest a research topic with a potential to move your business forward. Based on your wishes, you can participate as a supervisor or a reviewer to benefit from fresh ideas and an inspiring insight into the faculty’s intellectual assets.

Grasp the opportunity to expand your success through advising and coaching our young scientists.

  • Step one First talk

    Set an appointment with the vice dean for external relations to discuss the topic assignment options and ways to draw diligent Bachelor‘s or Master‘s students.

  • Step two Creating the task

    Formulate and send us the concept, including a brief abstract, a specification of the problem(s) to be solved, and an outline defining the expected outcomes. It might be helpful to consider that the students usually opt for practice-oriented research generating real-world impact. After being accepted, your topic will appear as a selectable item in the relevant section of the information system.

  • Step three Planning and scheduling

    The student interested in the topic will contact you to agree on activities such as expert consultations or laboratory and manufacturing work at your premises.

Use our potential. Supervise a thesis at the FEEC.

prof. Ing. Tomáš Kratochvíl, Ph.D.

prof. Ing.

Tomáš Kratochvíl