Doktorské projekty


Abaid, M. Neural Network Simulations in Matlab
Abaid, M. Test of Optimum and Solution Improvement
Dřínovský, J. Simply Impedance Measuring System
Džubera, J. 6-ray Multipath Fading Channel
Fedra, Z. Simulation and Computation of OFDM and Peak Reduction Carriers Scheme
Hála, O., Hertl, I. DVB-T Measuring Site and Experimental Broadcasting Tests Results
Hampl, M. The Investigation of Optical Beams Generating by Optical Fibre
Hodáň, F. OMICRON-II Microcomputer in Application as Web Thermometer
Humhal, M. Filter Bank-Based QRS complex Detectors
Chmelka, L. Spectral Analysis of Rabbit Electrogram
Kašparec, T. Comparison of Wavelet Packets in Multi-carrier CDMA Communication
Kubánek, D. Biquad Filter with Three Transfer Functions Employing Voltage Conveyors
Kučera, P. Quantum Information
Kvíčala, R. Temperature Dependency of Semiconductor Laser
Láčík, J. Modelling of Antennas in Time Domain Using Laguerre Polynomials
Mahdal, V. Image Filtering with Undecimated Wavelet Transforms
Mikéska, Z. The Page Access Procedure in Bluetooth
Pirochta, O. Different Methods of Hardware Implementations Digital FIR Filter in FPGA
Pospíšil, V. The Design of ECU for Engine Powered by LPG
Růžička, Z. Walsh Functions - The Tutorial Program
Sadovský, P., Stráník, R. Realization of the Virtual Laboratory for Physic Education Support
Špaček, J. Microstrip Array Antenna
Tannenberg, M. Using the Principal Component Analysis as the T Wave Alternans Detector
Vavrda, M., Hertl, I. Automatic Measurement of RF Signal Spatial Properties and Antenna Patterns
Vrána, J. Simple D/A Converter with Microcontroller