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Full-time 2 years Finished with title Ing.

In cooperation with TU Wien, we have prepared a selective study program taught in English. After graduating, you will receive a joint Master's diploma: from Brno and Vienna. Studying the Telecommunications program will perfectly set you up for your future professional engagement in the field of wireless communication systems not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

The objectives are to acquire and extend theoretical and practical knowledge in design, construction, operation and application of electronic circuits and systems in various application fields of low-current electronics and communication technologies. The spectrum of this study area reaches from low-frequency technology, over high-frequency and microwave technology to optical waves, from analog
circuits, signals and systems, to digital, microprocessor and embedded systems with a particular focus on applications in wireless communication technologies and services.

This program provides Department of Radio Electronics

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Get a Master's degree from Brno and from the prestigious TU Wien!